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Installation, Cleaning & Removal


For more information, please view our Installation Video.

  1. PREP

    1. Tighten screws and clean the switchplate with an alcohol based cleaner. OPTION: Remove screw where SwitchID will be placed to ease future removal of plate and create a flat surface for the SwitchID. The plate will stay just fine with only the bottom screw(s).

  2. PLACE

    1. Gently apply the SwitchID over the switchplate screw or on the switch ensuring proper alignment.

  3. PRESS

    1. Firmly press on the entire surface of the SwitchID for complete adhesion once aligned to your satisfaction.

    2. NOTE: Do not use cleaners on your SwitchIDs for 2 days. This could disrupt the adhesive drying process.


  • Made of automotive grade polyurethane SwitchIDs can be cleaned with any house-hold cleaner.


  • Carefully work a non-sharp tool, that will not damage/scratch the switch plate, under one edge of the SwitchID until you can grab and remove the SwitchID. For more information, please view our Removal Video.


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