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Tackling Everyday Problems Through Innovative Solutions.

SwitchID was created by Matthias Bollmus and John Schlick both of whom started Napkin Innovations, L.L.C, a think tank for new consumer ideas.

Mission Statement:

“We are trying to capture the every-day problems and see if there is an opportunity to tackle those through innovative solutions.”




Matthias Bollmus

Currently works as an consultant and coach in the greater Milwaukee area for Heja Consulting

Professional experiences include:

  • Director level for a national financing services company

  • Teaching strategy, finance, accounting (and more) at the University level

  • Finance and operations executive at a non-profit service enterprise

  • Business operations executive at a construction and manufacturing enterprise.


Matthias holds a Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Finance, an MBA with a Finance emphasis from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, in addition to three undergraduate degrees.

John Schlick

Owner of Business Information Design, a database software development firm, as well as Schlick Cycles.


Professional experiences include:

  • Holds several design patents and is familiar with engineering and production in Asia.

  • Acquired varied skills working in the marketing department of Security Bank, and developing various databases.   

  • Lead the website redesign team at Midwest Airlines and was part of the team that started Midwest’s E-Business department.


John graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a BBA in Finance.


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